What digital marketers can learn from Tony Stark

Tony Stark 3D printed limbs

What digital marketers can learn from Tony Stark

It’s not the first time Tony Stark has sent shockwaves around the globe. In a recent YouTube video – which generated eight million views in under a week – Robert Downey Jr. (in character as the famous Marvel character) delivered a 3D-printed gauntlet to a seven-year-old boy who was born with a partially developed right arm.

Non-profit, Limbless Solutions, creates these 3D-printed arms for children who outgrow more expensive bionic limbs. It’s a fantastic example of an organisation developing a genuinely useful innovation.

It got me thinking about the extraordinary things billionaire playboy Stark has achieved. An ingenious MIT engineer, he harnessed disruptive technologies to create Iron Man, a flying suit made from titanium alloy.

But Stark didn’t just create a technologically advanced suit. He used innovation to create a brand. A brand which adds value to people’s lives, by saving theirs.

It’s so powerful, journalists and bloggers regularly cover Iron Man’s movements. While people flock to see the suit in action and share their experiences online.

But now, in the real world, savvy marketers are following Stark’s lead. They’re creating ground-breaking physical innovations that are inherently exciting, shareable and crucially, add value.

(This article originally appeared on The Wall. You can read the full article here).

Hew Leith
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